Fellow Cowboys & Cowgirls,

we listened to all your concerns the last few weeks and want to make a change for the better! We’ve made a lot of plans behind the scenes and will continue to give everything in our power to keep the project constantly rising!

Blockmine is moving towards a new and very exciting direction, but more about that soon in our next announcements!

A lot of you guys have mentioned that the development of our project could definitely take a faster route. And you know what? We definitely agree.

We want to hire not only one but TWO additional Web3 Crypto Developers (Backend & Frontend) to assist our dear main developer Klaus, so we can speed up the developments of our Website, Games & the Wild West Verse.

We are striving for a more democratic approach to our project, team wise and community wise. We want to involve you as a community in important decisions and thus lead the project to the moon all together.

So why are we teasing you with this already? Well, our wanted developers and all future team members will be rewarded officially and democratically as shareholders of our funds of Block-mine.io, to make the incentive to grow simultaneously with the project even stronger! If you know a fellow friend or relative in the wild crypto west, just hit us up and write us a CV to we@block-mine.io to get further instructions.



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