Registration for Relaunch (Q3)

4 min readMar 5, 2022


Howdy cowboys,

here we would like to share some details/changes wrt. to the planned migration in Q3.

First, we decided to ease up the process and created a registration token (RTG, CA: 0xcae0AC554f93FE1EA54B155Edf2Bd7443ebee4e1). This decision is based on the fact that we have three different tokens, several contracts, and scanning the contract is not best practice if we want it the smooth way, thus, reducing them to a single registration is the easiest solution both for the team and investors.

What is the registration token?

Well, it is a BEP-20 token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It serves as a migration pre-receipt and eases up the overall process.

How does it work?

On the home page of, you can register for the migration. That means, all your tokens are taken out of circulation and transferred to the 0x0…0dEaD address and replaced by the RTG token with the following ratio as announced previously:

  • 100 Gold Nugget= 1 RTG
  • 10GC = 1 RTG
  • 0.5B = 1 RTG

If the conversion of any of them, results in less than 1 RTG, it is burned w/o conversion (!), i.e., if you have 95 GN, they are not replaceable (considered low value… ). If you want to keep them for any reason, do not have them in your wallet during registration because they will be burned as well. This limit was set by the team to avoid people swapping and paying more gas fees than they get in tokens back.

Note 1: You can only swap your tokens to RTG with any wallet ONCE, so make sure to have them in your wallet when registering. This also includes LP tokens, which need to be split beforehand (!).

Note 2: RTG tokens are not tradable on any exchange. If someone offers you to buy RTG tokens, this is likely a scam. Do not fall for it. Also, we will never ask you to send them to any other address/contract. Keep them as receipt! You can transfer your tokens to another address if you prefer to, but we recommend keeping them in the wallet you used for registration.

Note 3: We only consider the registered value in the contract, not the token itself and only the registered address will receive the new token as is saved on-chain.

Why should I do that and why do we introduce the token so early?

We have got several messages from people concerned with the token price as there are several impatient people out there. Thus, we decided to fix the RTG token at the current price (which is 100 GN = 1.1$ based on CMC).

Is there a registration deadline?

Yes, there is. The registration protocol closes at UNIX timestamp 1651355999, which is approximately on 30th April 2022 21:59:59 UTC. A countdown is displayed on the website.

Can I continue minting?

No, The minting of Gold Nugget will be stopped by Sunday this week (6th March). Gold Coins and Gold Bars can still be minted but they need to be swapped by UNIX timestamp 1651355999. There won’t be an extension and we cannot consider any tokens minted afterward or if you missed the deadline as we will already start the marketing and release the whitepaper afterward and won’t give anyone the chance to buy in via Gold Nugget prior to presale which seems unfair to the old holders. Of course, locks will be removed from mines and pools at that time. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have enough Gold Coins (GC) to unstake the Goldbar booster at all times!!! Do NOT wait till the last days.

So, is there an advantage of having the RTG token or could I sell and wait till presale?

Of course, we have thought of that: The swap ratio RTG — New Token will be like as if whitelisted private presale had been taken place that gives you a better price for the New Token compared to the public presale. That way, you will already benefit from the RTG token, i.e., if for example 1 New Token = 1.1$, 1 RTG would be swapped to > 1 New Token. How much exactly and what the new token price is, has not yet been decided. In addition to that, we have decided to implement an Alpha and Beta phase for NFC and RTG holders (NFC prior to RTG) to give you the chance to directly give feedback during the development process before we finally release the new product. Some other new key features will be made available to NFC and RTG holders for free (!).

Will I get all new tokens all at once?

No, to ensure a stable project start, we will implement a standard vesting protocol as used by most projects.




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