Operation Presale + Airdrop🔥

Operation Presale — „Airdrop“ 💧 (3/3)
🤠🔥And this time everyone wins!!!!

The mine’s getting hot this week!🔥🤠🔥 It’s time for the presale on Saturday, June 5 at 13:00 UTC.

There is also a AMA on YouTube (at 12:00 UTC)

🤩❗️ The presale will be launched here: https://block-mine.io/presale

⛏ For this Airdrop you can only participate if you join the presale! (Cheating & Dumping Protection)
🥰 The airdrop ($10,000) will be divided among all the presale participants!

🥰 To participate…

👉Read the Whitepaper: https://blockmine.medium.com/blockmine-a-revolutionary-sustainable-liquidity-mining-solution-on-binance-smart-chain-bcd2a859121a
👉Watch the video: https://youtu.be/e8eZLYjv90I
👉Buy some Nuggets in the Presale!
👉Share our Presale-Announcement
👉 Follow us @ https://twitter.com/blockmine_io OR Telegram @ https://t.me/blockmine_news / https://t.me/blockmine_io
👉 Fill in the form below and provide proof. Your provided BSC address must match the one used in the presale.

The airdrop value is 100% burned 🔥 after launch 🔥

Check out https://t.me/blockmine_io or https://twitter.com/blockmine_io for respective announcements.