Howdy everyone,

although we have done our best in the last few months, with the launch of our first true onchain game, some new pools and partnerships, the bear market made thins really difficult for us. Things are currently rough at Blockmine and we are definitively aware of the concerns of our community, although a lot of negativity is unnecessary FUD.

Nevertheless we say: Blockmine isn’t going anywhere, we’re staying on top of the project’s development and have some exciting improvements to share with you which we have planned for the upcoming months, which are:

  1. Content Marketing (YouTube, TikTok etc.)
  2. Complete relaunch of our project via Unity & developing Blockmine App
  3. Switching Chains from BSC to FTM

1)Content Marketing

It made little sense to push marketing while the whole market was down. Nevertheless, we will produce more YouTube videos in the coming months to attract more reach and investors

2)Complete relaunch of our project via Unity & developing Blockmine App

Switching engines allows us to have much more possibilities in terms of gaming and developing the #WildWestVerse and to be less dependent on the forked PCS code, it even allows the creation of a Blockmine App!

3)Switching Chains from BSC to FTM

Let’s face it: Many BSC projects, even a lot of serious ones are dying. There are many other faster, more efficient EVM compatible blockchains that are currently on the rise and have the potential to displace BSC. Our favorite is FTM, which we will switch to when the rebuild to Unity is complete. You can have an overview of FTM here:


All these aspects make FTM the most suitable candidate for Blockmine and the #WildWestVerse . This includes also some new possibilities for our Tokenomics. Due to these profound changes we will put less focus on new BSC partnerships and more on the development of blockmine in the coming weeks.

We would like to discuss these decisions with you in the upcoming AMA on Saturday, 02/12/22 at 19PM UTC and answer your questions about them. If the community has a vision, we are more than happy to listen and learn, as well as including community members who are committed with the project to the team. Please write down your questions in the following survey: https://forms.gle/nhUMFgLJrqKjU9ip8

We repeat: Blockmine is here to stay. Looking forward to talk with you guys. Many thanks to everyone, who believes in us and is excited for what the future holds for us.



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