4 min readDec 30, 2021


“You’re gonna have to hold on tight, because this rodeo is just getting started.”

Howdy Miners,

ride on your horse through the rugged desert after you successfully mined some $GOLDNUGGETs, where unknown dangers lurk everywhere, look for mysterious adventures outside the town and have finally some fun after a hell-of-a-day with fellow miners, outlaws, traders & gamblers in the Saloon of Golden Valley: Welcome to the #WildWestVerse, Miners!


2021 was not only a really wild year for Blockmine, but for Crypto in general. We saw the rise of decentralized exchanges like Apeswap, the NFT craze with all kind of pixelated art and animals and now we are seeing the rise of the so called „Metaverse“, where people sell virtual land in 3D games while experiencing these world through VR. These developments are more than exciting for sure, but they are still in a very early phase and don’t work completely on the blockchain (I will eat my cowboy boots when this will be finally possible!). As harddiggin’ Miners we all know how to be patient and approach things more gradually. In addition, it must be mentioned that there will be not only the one Metaverse, but several Metaverse with different functions….

Based on these trends in the Crypto Space, the #WILDWESTVERSE will be the combination of Blockmine’s main aspects, which are DeFi, NFTs and – starting next year – blockchain based gaming, set in our beloved Blockmine Wild West theme which we all know and love!⛏

So, a lot of you Miners already saw our Wild West Verse tab with it‘s beautiful designed map in the sidebar, which we quietly implemented on our Website…Well, here are the first exciting news!

📜Our first long term goal for the next year will be to redesign the website into an interactive 2D game map, moving away from our current „exchange based“ design to provide a more immersive, gamified experience!📜

This will be useful not only for the functionality and discoverability of our website, but also for partner projects. The possibilities are endless, for example there will be some sort of ranch on the WWV map that will lead to our vaults on Beefy Finance, which are currently hard to discover on our Website, if you are not following our News closely. This will take away a lot of research work for new Miners on our news channels. (Which you still should follow daily🤠). Of course our beloved and rare Non-fungible Cowboys will take a very special role in the #WildWestVerse , so grab one while you still can!

These changes of course won’t happen overnight and there is a lot of work to do. But our games in the saloon will definitely make use of the new engine, starting in January 2022! So stay tuned what we what we have prepared for you in 2022🤠🎮


As many as you Miners know, the $GOLDBAR is not the final step of our innovative Token Evolution, so let’s have a first look on the tokenomics and utility of $BITBAR! Prepare for…


What is Hyperdeflation you may ask? Well, let’s have look on our current #GOLDBAR era tokenomics. $GOLDBAR is inflation-neutral as far as $GOLDCOIN is concerned, and thus also inflation-neutral as far as $GOLDNUGGETS is concerned. The only inflation is generated with $GOLDNUGGET. So far all clear?🤓

Hyperdeflation will lead to a deflationary effect on all tokens in the Blockmine ecosystem. Even more, it negates $GOLDNUGGET minting. Unlike $Goldbar, where $GOLDCOIN is needed at a factor of 1:10 for unstaking, $BITBAR will probably need Goldbar at a ratio of 1:5, which fixes the long term total Goldbar amount at 50%. In addition, $BITBAR receives a 100% GN burn fee.

Those who know the mathematics will realize that not only $GOLDNUGGET value 100% + $GOLDBAR value 50% will be burned (where GOLDBAR already has a 100% burn rate with respect to $GOLDCOIN, which also have a small GOLDNUGGET burn rate, but which can probably be neglected), but a hyperdeflationary effect will occur!


Unlike $GOLDBAR, which main utility is Staking now, $BITBAR becomes the effective currency in the #WildWestVerse. Let us give another Sneak Peak…Your NFC’s and other NFT’s gonna be upgradable.🤠🎮🆙

The $BITBAR booster will be launched in the upcoming six weeks! All this changes will also be updated in our GitBook, aka Mining Guide, which also got a small rehaul, so check it out!

And that’s it Cowboys! We can’t be excited enough what the future holds for Blockmine! In the meantime, fire up the boosters and get your $GOLDBAR before other cowboys take them! Check out our 2021 review which we will post tomorrow! Stay tuned!⚒️




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