Howdy miners,

the long wait has come to an end, and we can’t be more proud to kick off the new month with our new game in our #WildWestVerse : BLOCKMINE SLINGSHOT. Which brave cowboy is gonna win the jackpot? There can only be one each tournament, so load up your bags and have some dangerous fun in the #WildWestVerse!

BLOCKMINE SLINGSHOT is one of the few (maybe even first) NFT games that runs completely on the blockchain without any server side handling! You can access it via our #WildWestVerse:

or directly via: (available later this day)

IMPORTANT: To play the game you need $GOLDNUGGETs, $GOLDCOIN AND $BNB! You can swap your $BNBs to $GOLDCOINS and $GOLDNUGGETS here.

Winning: All participants pay their $GOLDCOIN into a pool which will be payed out to the best player after 24 hours tournament cycle. The winner takes it all! The daily bonus jackpot for the launch is 100 $GOLDCOIN + the $GOLDCOIN gaming fees. The half of the $NUGGET fees are doomed burn 🔥.

Although the game is finished, we will still label it as a Beta first, because it will be the first broad release for our awesome community. Don’t hesitate to contact our Admins if you find a bug or an error, we will provide help quickly.

So first let us introduce the rules, which you’ll also find in the Game Menu and in our Mining Guide of course! Read them carefully here before you start playing the game, which will launch around midnight after this announcement was published!


On the map, click on the icon with the Gunslinger symbol. This will take you to our glorious Golden Valley, where your dreams will either turn to gold or your heart will eat lead! Connect your wallet and shoot those cowboys in their a**!

At the beginning of the game, you will land in our main menu, from here you can start the game by clicking the „PLAY“ button. We will explain the other menu points as we go along.

Gunslinger Start Screen

1. Game Setup

To start the game you need a weapon, which you can get for a small fee (for now there are no NFT weapons — yet👀). Approve the tokens and pay your rental fee to find a worthy opponent and to get your gun.

Pay your gun!

Now you can light a cigar and practice your shooting arm, once 10 players are ready, the game can start (10 players are needed due to LINK fee…). As soon as the number 0 appears on the screen, enough players are ready and you can click on the button “FIND OPPONENT”. Have a look in our Telegram group to find more players!

If the number goes to 0 you will come out as hero!

2. Gameplay

Welcome to the shooting field. Let the game begin, again fully handled by blockchain. You should immediately notice your NFC image (Non-fungible Cowboy). If you don’t have an NFC in your wallet yet — Shame on you! Go get one here. But don’t worry, you can still participate with a prefabricated standard variant.

At the top is your HP (health points) counter. Below the shoot button, you can see the stats of each player. But before your opponent analyzes the stats, click „SHOOT“ and surprise him with an attack.

PLEASE NOTE that there will be short delays until the transactions are confirmed on the chain. We strongly advise to not shoot twice (you can, but that will just cost you BNB fees and a waste of money)

After the blockchain is ready, you can see if the shot was on target or if you couldn’t keep your alcoholic hand still and missed.

As soon as you have brought your opponent’s life bar down, you win. Congratulations you have completed your first NFC take down on the blockchain! Now you can expect not only fame and glory but also nice XPs.

Press “shoot” and win against your oppenent!

3. Stats and Upgrade

Go back to the menu and check out the upgrade menu. There you can assign your XP points to any attributes and save them back to chain. Your NFC or your wallet will get stronger and stronger, you can create a real fighting machine!

In the stats menu you can see how high your address ranks. The best player gets the jackpot pool and wins, we don’t play in Golden valley for nothing, only for shiny $GOLDCOINs. So the next game is already waiting for you!

NOTE: Currently the XPs will be reset after each Tournament!

So, good luck to every brave cowboy fighting for the Jackpot! And this is still the beginning!⛏

Upgrade your abilities with XP
The leader board, the winner takes it all after a tournament cycle!



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