Fellow Miners,

The last months our team worked hard on the next game. The good news first: OUR NEW GAME WILL BE RELEASED ON TUESDAY!

The sad news: It won’t be Blackjack.

Blackjack has been ready since the end of 2021. The frontend was finished but also the backend, which is even more remarkable, because compared to other games, our Blockmine Blackjack runs actually completely on the Blockchain! So why are we telling you this?

We actually intended to release it on NYE but sadly have to face several legal issues, as we’re located in Germany which has strong restrictions for online gambling. We thought we could pass on this but our lawyers strongly advised against it. As you all know, Blockmine is still in a very early stage and we are here for the long run. That’s why we’ve decided that we don’t want to take any risk that could harm the project. Here are some screenshots of our BLOCKMINEs Blackjack table:


It is so unfortunate for the whole team.

Of course it’s just as sad for you guys as it is for us. We know that you’ve all been waiting so long for Blackjack to be released…and we are still working on ways to release it of course. Maybe some of you guys have an idea regarding hosting? We also consider a DAO for it.

Be sure you will be rewarded!

Anyways, of course it was clear for us to take action as we didn’t want to leave you guys empty handed. We’ve created a new mini-game in god speed and are happy to share the beta with you guys on TUESDAY! We also added the NFC component in the new game.


Load up your wallets, so you are prepared, because you’ll need GOLDNUGGETs, GOLDCOINs and a lot of courage to fight your Opponents!

It’s still only the beta so we’re very happy for any feedback & suggestions from you Guys!



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