Yehaw Cowboys & Cowgirls! 🤠

Ready for our new Partnership? We had 5 people who actually got the right answer and we picked one Winner randomly! 🚀

100 GOLDCOINS go to…. 🥁🥁🥁@filga123 congratulations! 🥳

We are happy to introduce our new Partnership with SWEET STACKS!

We will launch an exclusive GB — Sweet Stacks NFT Ticket Pool on Sunday! ⛏

So you’re probably wondering how this works?

It’s pretty easy actually: You must stake 25 GB (no more, no less) until the Pool expires (14Days, Locked) and you’ll get 1 Sweet Stack Lottery Ticket in form of an NFT once the the GB’s are unlocked! 🎫

NOTE: We only have 100 Tickets in total! Be quick, first come — first serve! ⏰

The Tickets than can be used to win juicy prices over at https://sweetstacks.club/! 💸

Current Jackpot includes:

1 Inverse Ape NFT Monkey face

15 $CAKE Pancakes

65 NFT tickets!!

Sounds quite cool, huh? Keep an eye on our Pools on Sunday and make sure to join Sweet Stacks Telegram Group: https://t.me/sweetstacks 🔥



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