Watch out Miners! ⛏

🧟‍♂️There might be some Zombies invading our Mines… but no worries, we got us covered with some brand new Pools! 🧟‍♂️

We’re happy to introduce our first Partnership in 2022 with RUGZOMBIE! Together with RugZombie we will launch 2 NEW STAKING POOLS: 🚀

stake $GOLDBAR – earn $ZOMBIE (block-mine.io / max. staking amount 25GB)💰

stake $ZOMBIE – earn $GOLDBAR (rugzombie.io / no staking limit)💸

That’s not all: Everyone who’s staking Zombie for Goldbars till the pool expires over at RugZombie will get a free Blockmine x RugZombie NFT! 🛠

RugZombie NFTs are in-game assets used in their minigames aswell as in upcoming retail games, and will be used to back real world merchandise sales! There may only ever be ~80–90 ever minted. 🤯

Additionally we will do a Cross AMA with RugZombie next Week to introduce both Projects in detail! 🔥

Let the journey begin and take a ride through the mines and graveyards of Blockmine x RugZombie! 🚀

Jump over in their Channel and make some noise! 🔊




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