Howdy cowboys,

here is our summary from the Blockmine Migration AMA last weekend. Again, we want to thank everyone for the positive feedback and constructive questions! This summary will also be visible in our Mining Guide!

We couldn’t be more hyped what the future will bring after the migration, and we are working hard behind the scenes to bring all the changes ASAP to you!

Here is a first small announcement for the new project: The development of the backend is almost finished!

Why are you moving to FTM?

The idea to switch to FTM came already up last September. There are a few issues with BSC, mainly high gas fees, which are not suited for the gamified DeFi utility Blockmine wants to build. We also saw some issues with our current Tokenomics that need to be fixed if we want to stay sustainable & efficient in the long run.

What will be the focus on the „new“ project?

The Focus will stay on our self developed Metaverse aka #WildWestVerse with Gamified DeFi and Pay2Earn Games. Of course Pools, Liquidity Mining and NFTs will still play a huge role. We are still looking for additional developers to reach our goals even faster and make our community even happier.

How will the Website look like?

We will move away from the PCS fork and build a new unique, outstanding website with the Unity engine, which gives us more possibilities to create our own Metaverse. Like stated in the Mining Guide, we will redesign the website into an interactive 2D game map, moving away from our current „exchange based“ design to provide a more immersive, gamified experience!

What will the Tokenomics look like on FTM?

We will switch from an inflation based 3-token model to single token model token with limited supply. It will be loosely based on GOLDBAR, so it will still be farmable and has a halving mechanism.

What have I to do to migrate my tokens? Will there be an automatic snapshot?

Yes. Migration to FTM will be based on a snapshot of all holder addresses. Please give us some time, we will let you know early enough and prepare everything properly.

What will happen to token which are locked in LP and Pools, will they count for the new token Airdrop?

Yes. Tokens in LP, Booster & Pools will of course count for the new token Airdrop when the migration is due.

What about the staking fees on the LP, Boosters, etc.?

We will remove them for the new token launch.

Will GOLDBAR and GOLDCOIN holder get more new tokens?

Yes. GOLDBARS will give you MORE new tokens because of the ratio between GOLDBAR and GOLDNUGGET. We have to take a fixed ratio for GB (200). We will lower the GC ratio to 10, to make the gb booster more worthy and valuable until the migration (both higher than currently on Apeswap). Why? Because if we do that at some point, it can trigger a cascade effect if suddenly all GN are swapped in GB. Alternatively, you can fix it with the current ratio, so no one complains.

What happens to our NFTs?

NFTs will play a huge role in the WildWestVerse after the migration. The Non-fungible Cowboys will of course be transferred. We will launch of course more NFT collections with utility for the Metaverse and upcoming games.

What happens to the X-Mas NFT collection?

It will be refunded.

How do you will improve communication?

We will improve our marketing and communication and give you more weekly insights where the project is currently standing. We heard all your concerns and realized that we really have to work on this and promise that this will be changed for the good in the future. Still, we are currently heavily working in the background so again, please try to be a bit more patient. Be sure that we’re trying doing our best to deliver as fast as possible and will keep you updated about every development we make!

Will there be other ways to participate on the new token launch?

Yes. We still currently looking which platform we will choose whether it will be through a Launchpad, IDO, Pre-Sale etc. to reach more promotion and marketing oppurtunities for the upcoming relaunch.

Are you considering to launch a DAO?

Yes, the team is exploring DAO and will see how this plays later on, more to come on this subject.

At last but not least: We are super happy and excited for this new journey and we hope we can take as much people as possible with us! Only together we can make this a successful relaunch for everyone!



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